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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How Many of Us Have Them? (Ones We Can Depend On)

These are people I like:

People smarter than me who don't rub it in.

People dumber than me who don't fear, ridicule, dismiss or mock intelligence.

Anyone who treats intelligence with respect and admiration but not with excessive reverence, as though smarter people are somehow better people. The same goes for wealth, beauty and athletic or creative talent.

Charlie Watts. As a lifelong Rolling Stones fan, I've always really liked the band's two most visible figures, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. As great as they are, Watts is my favorite; he's casual, soft-spoken, has perfected his craft to a level of nearly absurd precision and has recently beaten back throat cancer. That's my man!

Balanced people. This is what I aspire to. You know the type: confident, but not overbearing. They spend about as much time listening as talking. They care about what others think, but not to the point of sublimating their own essence or living their lives to please others. They never look for trouble but stand up to troublemakers.

Bicyclists who wear regular clothes and not those ridiculous shorts or helmets. Leave the technical equipment to Lance Armstrong and just ride!

Lena Horne. This one I shouldn't have to explain.

UPS and FedEx Drivers. Maybe I've just been lucky in my experience, but they always seem to be nice people.

People who keep stories about their children brief or expand only WHEN I ASK!

And finally, I like people who don't insist on making lists of ten or numbering their lists (that's nine types of people I like, if you're counting).


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