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Sunday, May 30, 2010

You Down With MCC?

British Petroleum's efforts to stop the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico have thus far come up short. The economic recovery is threatened by Europe's financial problems. And doggone it if the Celitcs and the Lakers aren't in the NBA Finals again! If I have to relive the 1980s, can't I at least have my youth back? I mention all this to demonstrate I am not blind to current realities, but not all news is bad news.

Late last week Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came to Washington for a meeting with President Obama. Sirleaf, who was jailed and exiled at various times during Liberia's various crises of dictatorship and civil war, painted an optimistic picture of improvements in the West African country, though she admitted the recovery remained fragile. President Obama lauded Sirleaf for her courage and pledged continued support for Liberia, a nation founded in 1822 by former slaves of the United States of America.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation also announced a $15 million grant to bolster the nation's reform. Never heard of the Millennium Challenge Corporation? It's little wonder. Created in 2004 under President Bush, it seems so far to be one of the best things to emerge from his administration and one of the least talked about. The general idea is to support developing nations with sound principles but few resources. Thus far, more than 25 countries have received aid from MCC and feedback--both from recipients and the donor--has been pretty positive.

Daniel Yohannes, an Ethiopian-American, acts as the current CEO of the organization and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a member of the Board of Directors. In February, President Obama requested a $1.28 billion budget for the Millennium Challenge Corporation in 2011.

So if you're beleaguered by all the negativity, think about the fact that, despite the oil spill, the price of fuel has recently dropped. And think about the MCC.

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