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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Direction

There's no turning back. Individuals now use ambiguous, abstract nouns as nicknames. Sure, they called Hakeem Olajuwon "the Dream", but that rhymed and, in context, "the Dream" sounded like something undeniably upbeat, the good kind of dream.

But "the Situation"? That's what the guy wants to be called? Does he spend time with his friends "the Scenario" and "the Boondoggle"? I am not convinced this represents a winning development in the evolution of nicknames. In fact, I'm leaning the other direction. I might start asking people to call me "the Direction", which makes little sense and could be interpreted as positive or negative. I'd fit right in.

Still no response to the incantatory-like lyrics from the middle of "Der Kommissar", but then nobody reads this blog. And here's my whiny complaint: it's not that much worse than a lot of other nonsensical blogs. Do I need to promote it more gooderly? Do I need to write about different topics? And do I care whether or not it's a great blog? Sometimes I do, other times I'm indifferent. Being known as a "great blogger" is roughly tantamount to being a "great fantasy football owner". In other words, it's nothing to be ashamed of, but if you go around bragging about it, you're setting yourself up for ridicule.

On the flip side of things, you have to start somewhere. PerezHilton has achieved high levels of notoriety for his work. Is that what I aspire to? Nah, I don't really consider it my place to out closet homosexuals, although I have it on good authority that PerezHilton himself is gay.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether I want to do this as a spare-time hobby or as a means to get my writing recognized, and I have always straddled that commitment, never quite embracing either option.

Botswana President Ian Khama, heretofore a supporter of economic sanctions against Zimbabwe, now regards sanctions as a hindrance to progress. Such measures represent a blind corner, a hidden thorn bush, a hole that may contain a snake, or any other metaphor one cares to use. Usually, sanctions are issued for the right reasons but the results are rarely an unambiguous success or failure. President Khama claims progress in Zimbabwe is being made under the country's new unity government, in which ancient and entrenched President Robert Mugabe shares power with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Although I don't question the possibility that conditions in Zimbabwe are improving, I believe a great and rapid leap forward will not be witnessed until Mugabe resigns or dies.

Does that count as real news? I needed a break from talking about my writing career, or lack thereof. Time to go in a new direction.



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