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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut

Don Imus doesn't matter. What he said was stupid, insensitive, ignorant and racist, but Imus is right about one thing: it's not important. Marginalize him! With all due respect to the Rutgers women's basketball team and their coach, whose response to Imus' aspersions was dignified, I would not have handled it that way at all. I would have said, "I'm not giving that man any power or sway over me by responding to his comments". Or something like that. I believe the best revenge is often to not acknowledge you're even bothered.

So which is worse? Continuing to fight an expensive and frustrating war with no timeline for withdrawal after four years of what could charitably be described as disappointment, or announcing a firm withdrawal date without any knowledge of conditions on said date, essentially admitting failure and leaving behind a vaccuum of power even larger than the present one? Is there a third option? If so, no one seems to be presenting it.

If we really want to weaken the Iranian government, we could always invite it to take over the Iraq occcupation for us. Iran wants to be the toughest kid on the Middle Eastern block anyway, so let's see how they fare. If they do a better job than us, we can get tips from them. If they do a worse job, we can stick out our tongues and say "nyah, nyah". If they do the same job, we may build a better understanding with one another.

Mitt Romney's real first name is Willard; "Mitt" is his middle name. "Mitt" is German for "mid" or "middle" as in "Mittwoch", the German word for "Wednesday" (literally "midweek"). Only one conclusion can be drawn from this: Willard Mitt Romney's parents hated him.

The next Presidential Election is still more than 18 months away. Some people are tired of it already. The theme by then might be "All Burnout, No Turnout." And I'm even angry with myself for writing that!

Something tells me there's a great Irish joke lurking somewhere within the Rosie O'Donnell/Bill O'Reilly feud. I could probably think of one if I cared enough. Marginalize them, too. That's my new swear word: marginalize. If you really want to slight someone, say "yeah, well marginalize you, buddy!" This might take a while to catch on, but when it does, remember who was in the vanguard.

Kurt Vonnegut died this night, April 11, 2007. So it goes. I believe I speak for all of Indianapolis when I say: God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut. You'll be sorely missed.


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